Follow this simple basic rule , if you are going to drink don't plan to drive! Statistics show that half of all Canadian driving related accidental deaths, drivers were found to be drinking and driving!

Checking your blind spot while making lane change or turning is absolutely essential to ensure safety make sure that your car should not move right left while checking Blind Spot.

Follow the traffic rules and regulations, be safe on your journey. The road isn't enough to become a safe driver. You must understand the law of nature which also effect on your driving.

Change your oil every 3 to 5000 kilometers or every 3 months for an easier start in winter.

Change to winter tires they are especially made to grip the ice, for easy change get 4 tires with separate rims.

All ways do your circle check you never know when you have a flat tire or a leak or anythingbroken, this can save you time and money.